Thursday, July 22, 2010

Craft Time!

Here are some of the random projects I have been working on. Anything to keep me from going insane. :)

This lovely beach bag I added a few bells and whistles toDSC_7833DSC_8288
I just added some roses and ruffles to it. What more could a girl want!? The bag already had this fun bright pink on the inside that I wanted to incorporate on the outsideDSC_8292
I found another use for those square metal tins that I have. I made a magnet board! The photos I tried to make old and vintage looking to go with the rest of the look. I then outlined it in lace and put the bigger rose on the corner. Oh and the magnets are those twisty roses that I put on the bag above. Super easy!DSC_8295
These lovelies I found at Ross on clearance for $8.99. Now I'm not sure but I am going to say they were on clearance because of that awful pink color they came in.
so viola! I spray painted them yellow! It actually worked better than I anticipated. Tip: If any of you are wanting to make over your shoes I sprayed a cotton pad and then wiped it on the shoe. Much easier!
However my hands did take a tole but it's all in the name of cute shoes!
Last but not least. I bought this adorable dress at Ross (have I ever mentioned I love that store?) but like most their dresses there it was too short! So I added some lace to the bottom of the dress and sleeves. disclaimer: this pic make me look like I have a bad gut. I have one but it's not that big! I shot this using my new tripod! :) So tell me what you guys think of my new creations!


Shay said...

Such cute ideas Dy! I wish i was that creative and crafty! You give me some cool ideas so thanks!!

McKell said...

love, LOVE all of them! I actually tried making those fabric roses with my Activity Day girls. They are easy to make alone...but get 8 year olds involved and it is a whole new ball game! Not easy! I am SUPER impressed with all of your creations. You rock DY!

CKE said...

Wow Dy I am seriously impressed!! I love the adding lace idea for length... Ross always has dresses that are just too short!! I LOVE the yellow shoe idea too! :)

Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

I want to be like you. Seriously. That's all I have to say.

BRooKe said...

Your creations are all so cute! I love them! I need to become more crafty!

Alyssia said...

Dy you are too talented! Um next time you need to call me when your doing your little craft time! I must say I love the last picture where you are wearing your darling dress and purse and then your hand is covered in yellow paint :) Did you do all those crafts in one day?

Adam and Hilary said...

You could have a Etsy shop. I would totally buy the beach bag!

Kristina Curtis said...

you are way to talented for words. you should do classes!

Bryce and Kella Allfrey said...

Cute stuff! I actually have that same dress in gray and had the same problem too short.. I wanted to do the same thing but wasn't sure how it would I do! Thanks!

Chelsie and Trace said...

Wow you did a great job on all of them. I wish I was that crafty!