Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hummingbird Sanctuary

I have to blog about this because after this happened Nick said "hey you can blog about this" so I don't want to let him down. SO as Nick and I were walking in from church today then we see this poor little hummingbird with its wings expanded, lifeless in our breezeway. The poor little bugga was still alive but barely. So me having the mother Theresa heart that I have, took the bird in to nurture it. You know if a hummingbird is letting me approach it, it must not feel well. I love animals and I especially like miniature things so I couldn't resist. Especially since Nick told me a dog or cat would probably get to it if I left it. I brought it in in this little tupperware that we had and sat some sugar water in a pop lid for it to drink. To my disappointment it didn't even acknowledge it was there so I went and found a red flower knowing that they are attracted to red.... still, nothing. So i tried poring a little down the side of the tupperware where the birds beak was resting. Sure enough I see this string like tongue come out and lap the water off the side. This apparently gave it enough energy to fly up to our hanging basket so I followed it up there with a little cup full of sugar water and basically dunked its beak in the water. It drank a little then sat up on the rim of the cup. It sat there as it stared at me wide eyed and I was calling for Nick to get a pic of me holding it but as Nick came out.... it flew away! My little guy was all better. It was so gratifying seeing him fly up into the trees. I am sure it's comparable to sending your kid off for their first day of school. :) Nick is pretty sure it was diabetic and just needed a little sugar. A few things I learned through this experience. One, humming birds have actual beaks. I always thought they were tube like beaks that didn't open. Two, hummingbirds have freaky really long, really skinny tongues. And Three, everyone/thing deserves a second chance! :)


Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Sweet Dy! I love this post! I always knew you had a good heart :). Even though you were a jerk to me every now and then in school...just kidding. I use to bring things home all the time when I was little and tried to bring them back to health! It was always such a good feeling when it worked out for the best!

The Duncan Family said...

Wow Dyanna you are so funny. You sure love all animals!