Friday, January 8, 2010

Something to blog about

Finally! Nick and I did something worth blogging about. (I know I make it sound like I live this boring life) Over New Years we went to visit Hil and Adam in Seattle as well as visit where Nick served his mission in Everett, Washington. It was fun to go down memory lane with Nick as we drove along and he would tell me what happened in that exact spot. We covered all he wanted to see of his mission in..... about a day. Two years lived and it only took one day? I guess missions are more about the experiences than the places you go. :) The next day we drove up to Vancouver, Canada and saw what the city had to offer (not much). After that we met up with Hil and Adam for a rockin' good time. We visited down town Seattle, stayed at a lake house, went kayaking in the rain, shopped, swung on a 135 ft rope swing (Hil and Adam missed out on this one), went on the underground Seattle tour, met the man, drank fruit drinks called bubbly tea, played a lot of games and ate and ate and ate. Nick and I were going to head down town Seattle for New Years but we missed the ferry so we ended up watching Top Gun and drinking sparkling cider with Hil and Adam. Nothing brings in the New Year like Top Gun. After saying our goodbyes to Hil and Adam we stopped by Snoqualmie Falls and visited this cute little town called Leavenworth. After emptying our trip money and putting 2500 miles on my car I would say it was all worth it.

Ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle
Seattle Troll (seen in 10 Things I Hate About You)

Getting ready to have some fun!
135 ft rope swing
Snoqualmie Falls
Meeting the Man at Dixie's BBQ. Just ask Nick how hot it is

Green River drinks. Quite tasty!
Lake Washington

Vancouver , BC
Seattle Underground
Pikes Place
Our "photographer" thought that we needed to be closer on this one. One happy family