Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow covered slopes one day, Sunny beaches the next

Nick and I have been taking full advantage of my Christmas break. A few weekends ago Lindsay, Jeni and I went boarding at Canyons resort even though there was absolutely no snow we still had a great time! Later that night the husbands along with Hil, Alyssia and Crystal joined us and we went to eat at Red Rock and sat in the hot tub at the condo where we spent the night. It was yet again, so fun to hang out with everyone (well almost everyone) and catch up.
The very next day Nick and I left for our cruise to the Bahamas. This was Nick's first cruise so I got to introduce him to the joys of cruising... although I am not sure he would agree with that statement. We both had a great time but he is not sure he would go on another cruise. We did a lot of relaxing while we were there but at Key West we went sea kayaking which was a TON of fun! We saw a bunch of weird sea creatures which we got to touch and pick up. I can't wait until our next cruise together. Right Nick? :)