Monday, November 3, 2008

Burr Lake ha!


This past weekend Nick and I went up to bear lake with a few friends were we played games, ate a ton of food and did a lot of necessary catching up. One of the days we decided to hike to this little lake that was about 45 minutes from bear lake. We were all there enjoying the beauty of the lake when Jesse and Nick find this rope swing on the other side of the lake. Nick goes on it a few times, then Jesse goes a few times and by this time we are all over by them and Nick decides to go again.... this time wasn't so graceful. He swings out, his foot goes through the hole tied on the rope and he is caught on the rope as it swings back and forth. We are all laughing at this point when all the sudden Nick falls COMPLETELY in. ha ha It might have been the most entertaining part of the trip. Well that and Nick trying on some neon work out clothes from the 80s that were at the cabin. It was a great weekend and I can't wait until our next trip together.