Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time in the City

I got the opportunity to go with Nick on one of his work travels at the beginning of the month to New York. When I found out Nick was going to New York in December I wasn't going to let him go without me. I love New York any way but I knew New York in December would be amazing! We had a lot of fun! Did a lot of delicious food eating, Broadway show watching, and we even lucked out again and got into the Letterman Show. Once again I will let the pictures do the talking so follow me as I take a look at our trip in retrospect.

There were about 300+ people there that night. After seeing Nick present for the first time I realized how fitting this job really is for him. He did a great job and I am a proud wife :)
Delicious restaurant we ate at after the meeting. I had sweet potato gnocchi Mmmmm
Times Square at 1 in the morning. That is the time to go if you want to beat the crowd. You just won't get much shopping done
One of many Christmas decorations all over Manhattan. Nice one Nick. His eyes were open in another one but I grabbed this one on accident
Rockefeller Building. We met a crazy security guard this night who told us all about them finding the right tree and how he went in the helicopter with Mr. Rockefeller to cut it down and how he saved his friend a lot of money because it was in his friends yard and was going to cut it down anyway. He and Mr. Rockefeller are such good friends that Mr. Rockefeller put him on the graveyard shift..... The pieces just weren't fitting. Nice guy anyway
We were going to go ice skating but we procrastinated until the weekend and then it was just a mad house there so we never went :(
No explanation needed
Katzs Delicatessen where "When Harry Met Sally" "I'll have what she's having" scene was filmed. Nick was driving around because there was no parking while we ran in and got food which was ironic because Nick loves that movie so he was a little sad he didn't go in after finding out that movie was filmed there.
Alpaca hat that we found at a vendor in Union Square. Nice and cozy
Arch at Washington Square Park. We found out that in the early 1800's 20,000 bodies were buried there from people dying of yellow fever. Little bit creepy you are standing on top of a burial ground
Hot chocolate from Bald Man Chocolates. Yummy! They also had these waffles that had melted chocolate all over them that were amazing!
Chocolate in the syringe. What more could you ask for? I was bringing this home for my mom but it exploded in my purse so Nick and everyone else got to sample some. Sorry mom.
Just found out that we got tickets to David Letterman! Bill O'Reilly was the guest so not that interesting for me.
Waiting in line to get in. Nick knows how to work the system so that yellow sticker means prime seating. he he
Just won front row tickets to Wicked for only 26 bucks a ticket! They do a lottery drawing every night before the show. Our names as well as the couple we were with got drawn. Talk about luck!
All these people hoping to have their names drawn and we were the lucky ones. :) there were about 12 names drawn and that included 2 tickets each.
Silly boys
Wintuk. The winter adventure that takes the WHOLE family by storm. Whole family key word there. Didn't realize it was such a kids show when the tickets were purchased. We wanted to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show so now we can say we have been :)
They did make it snow though so that was pretty sweet
Fun Fun at FAO Schwartz. That toy store is every kids dream
Dylan's candy bar. That place was my dream
New York 197/>
Awe.. The first time I went to NY I saw this sign and I imagined this shot but I never got it so I was happy I was able to this trip. I made sure of it!
Guggenheim. Boring but at least it has history. I realize I look ill in this shot.
Awesome shot of the city right by Guggenheim
Last minute Phantom entertainment. That is what's so great about NY. Never bored.IMG_0902
We waited outside Al Pacino's Broadway for around 45 mins just to get this shot. He is one short little man.
Last night in NYC at Times Square.
Until next time New York!