Saturday, November 21, 2009


Alyssia is nice enough to let me tag along with her when she does photo sessions and she teaches me the tricks of the trade that she knows about photography. Even though it was FREEZING outside we got some fun shots of these two love birds. I really enjoy taking pictures and I love that it gives me a release to get away from studying and school. Too much school is bad for the brain. I think Nick can testify to that and my crazyness from time to time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoppy Halloween

I'm sorry I don't have a scanner so this is a picture of a picture.
I tried to get Nick to wear the hat but he wanted to wear it on his arm.... not where hats belong.

I think the thing I should mention first about this blog is I got Nick to dress up. Thanks for being such a great sport Nickolas. Especially considering what you dressed as. SO I have this two headed monster costume that my sister made when she was in high school. Lindsay and I had the pleasure of dressing as for three years in a row. It happened to be our favorite. When I found out that Samantha was having a halloween party I thought it was the perfect opportunity to relive those two headed monster days. After some persuading Nick we showed up like this. :) This picture was taken exatly 13 years apart in the exact same location. My times have changed. For one, Alyssia is taller than us! Sorry Lyss those days are over. Oh and we were not the only ones that got to dress up. Prez was a punk and yes that's a garbage bag he has as a vest.