Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello? Anyone alive out there?

Ok ok ok I know. Last update July 29th, 2011 is not the best blogging record. I just got busy. At least that's what you say when you are too lazy right? If I have any followers left (which I don't blame those that gave up) I am going to tell you a story about a far far away place called...... Paris! as well as Barcelona but that didn't have the same ring to it. Nick gave me a trip to Paris and Barcelona for my Christmas present. Thank you YL for all the wonderful Delta and Marriott points you have provided us. Well Nick earned them of course so not to take away from that. An even bigger thank you to Nick! I will tell you what, traveling on points is the way to go! We wouldn't be able to do half the traveling we do without them. Now on to my story.
Our first day in Barcelona we rented a Vespa and cruised around town so that we could get our bearing and know where things are. After that little adventure I will tell you this. I want a Vespa!!
This was the view from one of the places we zipped up to. Ok really we putted up to it since it was on a hill and we apparently were a little too heavy for the Vespa.
This is a cathedral called Tibidabo "the sacred heart church" that sat on the top of the hill. We could see this cathedral anywhere we went in Barcelona. Imagine that since it was on the highest hill! :)
Just a cool fountain at a park.
Just imagine this place in the summer packed with people. We are definitely coming back in the summer next time.
Barcelona is covered with cool streets like this. The architecture is very interesting.
La Rambla street. It was full of street vendors and people posing as statues. I know all of you know exactly just what kind of street this was. Every touristy town has one.
I would have taken one of each if I didn't have a 11 hour flight to get home.
Arch in a park. It's similar to the Arch De Triomphe in Paris
Tram ride up to Mount Monjuiic where a fort was
I think he would have protected us all
View from on top of Mount Monjuiic
Olympic Stadium where the 1992 Olympics were held
I am not sure which is uglier. Nicks rat smile or my invisalign smile
La Sagrada Familia. This is Barcelona's number one attraction and we decided to visit on a Saturday. Smart. It was very cool! I felt like we were going into a termite castle
So get this. I got on line to show you all a termite castle and this is what I found. Someone had already made the comparison. Man I am good!
Inside La Sagrada Familia


Our cute bed upon arrival to our hotel. Nick is thrilled. We actually stayed two different places when we were in Paris. This was the first place and the second was on the famous shopping street of Champs Elysees.
Our first (of many) visits to the Eiffel Tower. Do you know how hard it is to take a self portrait with tall tower in the back? This tells you how hard.
Got it!
Arch Dr Triomphe
Nick was arguing that he is the better photographer. Ok I will give it to him this time.
Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees. They got mad at me for taking the picture on the right.
Boat cruise on the Seine river with Bateaux Mouches
I love Sephora and wanted my picture in front of it. I was going to jump (we all know I love those) and Nick wouldn't have it and just snapped the picture. Don't judge my muslim look. I was cold. Nick kept calling me his muslim wife.
Notre Dame at night after it rained. I loved the way the lights were reflecting off the stones.
Notre Dame during the day
On top of Notre Dame
The 400 stairs we had to climb to get to the top. I bet Quasimotto had a hard time with these with his hunch back and all :)
Quasimotto's Bell
Montmarte. Lots of stairs to see this too! No wonder the French can eat all those carbs and stay skinny!
On Valentines morning I wake up to this. Nick was really wanting those brownie points :)
On Valentines Day
On top of the Eiffel Tower
Naturally I got a kissing picture on top.
Moulin Rouge. This was a must see for me since I like the movie so much. The area that this was in fit the theme of the movie very much.
See I told you! I would be lying if I said we didn't go in any of them. Hey we were with 2 guys! (Nick's ex co-worker and wife) The first two were WAY too dirty but the third we found this charm.
I am sorry if this offends anyone but its too funny!
The Lourve
Nick brought a scarf and got too hot and decided it was a good idea to wrap it around his torso. Great look don't you think?
Just looking at this makes my mouth water. Crepe from the stands with Nutella and bananas. So good! They also had churros which were delicious as well. For some reason I loved the Nutella there but dont care for it in the States. Has anyone who has been to Europe had that same experience? I wonder if they are a little bit different.
AND Naturally I got jumping pictures. I LOVED this area by the Eiffel Tower at night. If it were warm I could hang out there all night
Macaron class. We learned how to make lemon macarons and Vanilla Bean and Pear macarons. There is quite the technique in making these! In case you don't know what a macaron is it is a famous french cookie that his a light chewy outside with some sort of delicous custard in the center. MmmMmm
Nick couldn't wait for this one! Ok that was me but Nick admitted to having a good time afterwards. Especially since he really bonded with the talkative 80 year old Aussie in our class.
The end product. Not picture perfect but not bad for the first time either.
These are what they like to call the Catacombs. Bones as early as the 1700's to 1930 rest down here. This was their way of making more room for more dead people. It was kind of fun/eerie walking through the piles and piles of human bones. I whipped out my anatomy knowledge on some of them
Nick's scary flashlight face
These are what made up the walkways. They were divided into sections of what cemetery they came from.
graveWe decided to make it the day of the dead and visit the cemetery where some famous parisians are buried as well as this guy..
James " Jim" Morrison. Lead singer from a band in the 70's called "The Doors" He is american but died in Paris
Versailles. In the outskirts of Paris where royalty lived back in the day
The rooms were very intricate.
The gardens. The property around this was HUGE! This is just a very small portion of the gardens. It was neat to see how royalty lived but this was near the end of our trip and we had seem most of what Paris had to offer (in a tourist sense) and we were getting a little tired of it so that is why we visited THIS PLACE!!
The most magical place on earth. Really second, or maybe even third most magical with Disneyworld coming in first and Disneyland in California coming in second. It was fun to visit Disneyland Paris and see the slight changes but it just wasn't quite the same. For example we were amped to go on the Indiana Jones ride. We were sorely disappointed to find out it was just a roller coaster. Not even a fun one for that matter. No boulders about to fall on us, no giant snakes jumping out at us and certainly no fun jeeps to ride in. lame.
I would like to end on this note. This was our train ride home entertainment. What you do it blow air through your lips so that they vibrate then take a picture. Try it, you don't be disappointed with the outcome.

Well I think this makes for the worlds longest post. That makes up for me slacking right?
I LOVED Paris. Pastry shops and chocolate shops galore. I am always happy to be surrounded by that. I think that's why I like New York so much as well. We WILL go back some day, Mark my words. This time when the sun is shinning and I don't have to wear my muslim wrap. Until next time my fellow bloggers.

P.S. for those of you that don't know, Nick quit his job and is looking else where at the moment so traveling will have to be put on hold for a while. A very short while. :)