Monday, July 27, 2009

One year already?

Nick and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. After I camped for three days and Nick had been traveling for three days we were both pretty exhausted and slept a good part of the day away. After awakening from our much needed naps we went to Trio cafe because that is where we had our luncheon. It was delicious! For anyone that hasn't been there I recommend you go! After dinner we went home and made chocolate dipped strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, danced on our deck to I need you by Tim and Faith because that was our first dance song and Nick was paranoid the whole time that someone could see us, then we went and lit sparklers because we still had some left over from our wedding. I would like to say we ate the top of our cake, especially since it was saved for that purpose... however it was mistakenly thrown away as old ice cream since it was in a ice cream tub:( . It was my year to plan and I know, I am pretty cheesy! We had a good time though. Especially with the sparklers as you can see from the pics. Marriage is an adventure, but one I am glad I am taking. Someone in our ward summed it up pretty well in their talk when he said my wife is one of my biggest challenges but also one of my biggest blessings. I think that goes for wives AND husbands. There isn't a better match for me and I am so happy to be a part of Nick's life. The end.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crystal's Bridals

Alyssia and I took Crystal's bridals at the State Capitol tonight. After rushing to get there and stressing about not having enough time I think we got all the shots we wanted. I took and edited these but keep in mind that I edited them on a free picture editing progam so they might look a little off. The website is Check it out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Saltair

There were plenty of not so beautiful things there

Only a few of the many

When you walked the bugs rippled away like water. It was actually really cool looking.

When Nick leaves on his business trips it gets lonely and I have to find thing to fill the void. Tonight I decided to go to Saltair and take some pictures of the sunset. I am a little obsessed with sunsets. I want to live on the hill on the east side just so I can watch the sunset every night. Here are some of the shots I got. I was so mad because as I was driving and about 15 mins away then the sky turned all sorts of colors and I was so tempted to go back and take more pictures but I did not. Next time. I love it there. Aside from the stench and never knowing what you are going to step in, not to mention the billions upon billions of bugs. If you can get past all that, it is so peaceful and amazing!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Boredom Gets the Best of You

Nick gave me a sewing machine for Christmas (even though I saw it in his trunk) and I have not had a chance to really sew anything on it other than making a few alterations on my clothes here and there. So... with more free time than I would like to have lately it has forced to me to finish unfinished projects. I made these quilt blocks in high school, senior year in needle arts, Mrs. Penrod's class, great times to be had. Anyway so I decided to finish the quilt as maybe a fourth of July quilt. Something to lay down and watch the fireworks or something of that sort. Here is the finished product. Luckily you cant see up close to see my sewing job.