Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Saltair

There were plenty of not so beautiful things there

Only a few of the many

When you walked the bugs rippled away like water. It was actually really cool looking.

When Nick leaves on his business trips it gets lonely and I have to find thing to fill the void. Tonight I decided to go to Saltair and take some pictures of the sunset. I am a little obsessed with sunsets. I want to live on the hill on the east side just so I can watch the sunset every night. Here are some of the shots I got. I was so mad because as I was driving and about 15 mins away then the sky turned all sorts of colors and I was so tempted to go back and take more pictures but I did not. Next time. I love it there. Aside from the stench and never knowing what you are going to step in, not to mention the billions upon billions of bugs. If you can get past all that, it is so peaceful and amazing!


The Duncan Family said...

You are turning into quite the photographer. I was just looking at pics from Bear Lake last year, and could not stop laughing at Nick, that was the funniest thing! I can't wait for this year, I'm sure lots of laughs to come.

Jenilara said...

Dyanna, I can fill the void for you! Call me when you get bored, Kevin is busy with school some nights and you can come climbing with us on the other nights. Your pictures are way cool. I am excited for Bear lake too!

alyssia said...

Dy these are way good! I am very impressed

Chance & Leslee Lundgren said...

Girl you are an amazing photographer.. you need to do something about that! These are beautiful pics.