Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little Piece of Paradise

Wow! Where do I start!? Nick and I went to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos which is a small island in the Caribbean. We went there to celebrate our second anniversary. This place was A-MAZING! The beaches were perfect! The water was perfect, the sand was perfect, the light breeze was perfect. It really was prefect! Not to mention the beaches were so secluded. It would be a great honeymoon spot. There were times that I felt like we were stranded on an island because there was absolutely no one around. Well that's enough from me. I will let all the pictures do the talking.

Our little walkway to the beach
Nick enjoying the warm water
IMG_0357Doesn't that give you the hebejeebees. These creepy crawlers were all over our little path that's pictured above
They really had to think hard to come up with this name
Malcolm Beach
Chalk SoundIMG_0464
On Our Glow Worm Excursion
These are glow worms mating. Every month 3-4 days after the full moon and 54 minutes after the sunset the glow worms do this mating ritual. Yeah they have it down to the last minute. Crazy!IMG_0496
Sea Kayaking that turned into a water fightIMG_0504
Conch Cruise
These little guys were put into a conch salad that we ateIMG_0529
He was hacking away at the shell with a hammer to get the little guys outIMG_0522
Conch Salad. You just dip in with Doritos. It was actually pretty tasty
Nick decided to swim in his birthday suit
Marina at Turtle Cove. So Pretty!IMG_0604
45 Million dollar home for sale. Anyone? Anyone?IMG_0485
Sunset from our balconyIMG_0563
Pineapple drink. Honestly it wasn't that goodIMG_0585
View from Magnolias, A delicious restaurant we ate atIMG_0583
Getting soaked in the rain. (you are welcome Nick for posting this one)IMG_0577
Pirate's Cove. Not a soul in sight
Flamingo Lake. It was a success. We did see one lone flamingoIMG_0416
Snuba Diving. Nick and I both agreed this was our favorite activityIMG_0052_exposure
AND.... a little dancing on the beach in the rain. Nick was happy to sit this one out and take picsIMG_0615IMG_0617


BRooKe said...

Looks like one amazing trip! I have to say that I am SO jealous! You and Nick are so cute together and do such fun things!

Adam and Hilary said...

That spider is HUGE! EEK! The water is so clear and a pretty turquoise color. It does look like a beautiful island!

Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

Dear Dyanna,

Thank you for ruining my day by posting beautiful pictures of your totally amazing vacation to paradise. Jealous.

Just kidding. You did make me jealous though! It looks like you guys had so much fun! Oh...and if I had seen one of those spiders, I probably would have just locked myself in the hotel room and not come out the rest of the time.

I miss you!