Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stuart Falls and Spring Ducklings

Cute little Sienna. She was a trooper.

A few of us went to Stuart falls tonight where we ended up reenacting Man from Snowy River and hiked through snow to get to the Waterfalls. Me thinking it was summer went prepared for a nice summer hike in shorts and a t-shirt. Not expecting what I'd find. It wasn't too bad though once we started hiking. I have to say Stuart falls is much prettier in the summer but it was still a nice little hike through the mountains....and snow. Also I went outside of our condo the other day and this hen duck had 7 little ducklings. They were the cutest little things. Sad thing is I only saw them this one day. I guess there is always next year.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! (and cold!)

The Duncan Family said...

That picture is cute of Sienna. I agree that we go in the summer next time, and leave the little one at home (Sienna, not your dog)