Friday, April 17, 2009

Purchase or no purchase?

I love the detail you can see in this pictureDucksPrezley watching the ducks

This dog was so funny. Everytime his owner would call him over he would turn his back towards me because she said he hates having his picture taken.

Prezley doesn't walk anywhere, he sprints!

Story of Prezley's life, being pinned in the bushes by bigger dogs

I really want a professional camera, it's just a matter of convincing Nick that he really wants one too. My sister let me borrow her camera to see how I like it. Prezley was my lucky subject to be photographed which when the object you are trying to photograph is constantly moving it becomes a little difficult but here are some of the shots that I got.


Kristina Curtis said...

hahh! nice pictures. I love them! what kind of camera are you looking into getting?

The Gronemans said...

I think the camera is a must!! A good camera will last forever and so will the memories that come with it :)