Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making something out of nothing

We recently rearranged our room and we needed something to hang above our bed. Well I knew that Nick's brother had these square metal sheets that they were getting rid of and I thought they would be perfect for our room. I originally thought it would be cool to take a picture of a cool branch and divide it into 3 pictures and hang them but that "cool branch" was non existent so I settled for these weeds. I took the picture and I wish I could say that I helped edit them but Alyssia did all the work. I did give my input though. :) I developed the pictures at Costco into a 16X20 then cut 4 inches off the 20 inch side making them square. I then glued them to a foam board and cut them out, cutting my skin along the way. So this is the end result! Tell me what you think. I didn't take these pictures in raw accidentally and I didn't realize how much better raw photos edit. Oh well! lesson learned.


Alyssia said...

oh I love the way those turned out! You need to help me come up with creative decorating ideas, I tried making something for my wall last night and it turned out looking like I had kindergarten craft day!

Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

That looks awesome Dyanna! We need to get together for a craft day...I need to be taught your skills! It really does look fantastic. What a great way to add to your room! :)

CKE said...

Dy I love this! I had kind of a similar idea I wanted to try but I'm sure it won't turn out looking half as good as this!!! So CUTE :)