Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Best Husband a Girl Could Ask For

Nick for my big 25th birthday threw me a very unexpected surprise party. The night started out with him planning on taking me "out" for my birthday. That was it, no matter how much I pestered him he would not tell me anymore than that. SO the details... First thing when I got into the car was this cute little black bag with polka dot paper. Upon opening it I found New Moon DVD, no I am not a "Twihard" but I don't mind a sappy teen love story here and there. After driving on the freeway and nearing our exit he told me I need to put on my blindfold aka his scarf. He told me several times throughout the drive that I better not be peeking. He then took me out of the car and led me to.... Somewhere. All I knew is it sounded like a parking garage because it echoed as he talked. Once he unveiled my face I look down to this rather large group on the Energy Solutions Arena Jazz court floor all screaming SURPRISE! I wish we could have got a picture of what I saw because my first thought was, oh people from the arena are here because I don't know this many people. As I walked the long mile down the what felt like 350 stairs with all eyes on me I realized that all of my friends and family were on the court to celebrate my birthday with me. WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE! Nick of course not stopping there led us all into the wives room where the Jazz player's wives hang out during the Jazz games. There we ate a delicious cookie dough ice cream cake from cold stone ( world's best ice cream) YUMMM and some other goodies, Nick also had someone there from his work to draw characatures of everyone (thanks Kurt) as well as a DJ and free reign on the basketball court to play some ball. Nick also made this really sweet video for me that had everyone share a story about me as well as him wishing me a happy birthday from the many cities he has visited from his work travels. As the night neared to the end we danced to the Boot Scootin Boogey, the Electric Slide, the Hokey Pokey and the Virginia Reel. It was by far the best birthday celebration I have ever had. Thanks so much to all of you that came and Nick, I couldn't have landed a better husband. Don't know what I did to be so lucky. Thanks for making me feel special and I will always remember my surprise 25th birthday party at the ESA. Can't wait to see what 30 brings me :)


McKell said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm so bummed I couldn't make it! I was judging cheer tryouts for Maple Mountain High School and they went WAY longer than I had anticipated. Happy 25th birthday (tomorrow) anyways! Wish so badly I could have been there!

Adam and Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Dy! Wow what a great surprise, nice work Nick. You really did party like a rockstar, too bad I wasn't there to party with ya. Glad you had a good time. Miss ya!

Kevin said...

Nick did a great job, and thanks for inviting us. It was so fun! Happy birthday dy!-Kevin and Jeni