Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor Prezley

Since I don't have any children to blog about I am left with blogging about my dog. After Prezley was looking pretty mangy I decided to take him to the nearest Petco to have his first hair cut. Well second cut technically if you count the trim he got from my sister while she was watching him. Anyway I took him and was excited to see the results..... Poor little bugga came out with a hack job. Not a good look for him. I think next time I will cut it myself. Thank you Petco! Oh and all of Prezley's baby teeth are loose. Our little one is growing up so fast! :)


Kristina Curtis said...

yea! i blog about my "pups" all the time. poor little guy with his hair cut. he still looks cute though!

Tim and Ashley Tappana said...

hey I have a dog child too! I'm glad I found out you have a blog today during class! now I'll just get even more jealous at all the fun things that you guys do!